Reviews for "Strider"

Beautiful art

I've never liked strider, but this picture... tells an awesome story.

No thought involved other than the death of his enemy. The underdog dashes and leaps over a drop that would most certainly kill him. The enemy readying itself, hammer and sickle in arms. The man with more balls than sanity goes "Meh... fuck it" and throws his body into a spin during his aerial maneuver. The pompous machine, anticipating another score for it's kill streak, will not back down from the human. Just striking distance away, the man archs his body into the swing.
*Freeze frame*
Coming to a newgrounds submission near you.

^Make it happen

duplex2 responds:

Many thanks, your words make me feel my own art in a very powerful way.

Strider's alright......

*cough* Run Saber is superior *cough*
Anyway, love this art, it's so pretty :D

duplex2 responds:

Run Saber is a great game, but Hiryu is the coolest character ever. Many thanks.


Loved the game! And love this picture! Great job! :)

duplex2 responds:

Many thanks! :)