Reviews for "Strider"


I like how the eye is draw to the red on green darkish background. Very nice

duplex2 responds:

Many thanks, you notice it! :)

Moon diver.

Is the new strider for current gen consoles, you guys should try it out..
nice lights and details but strider's scarf looks like a sheet of paper @_@

duplex2 responds:




duplex2 responds:

Many thanks


Strider Hiryu was my favorite guy to play on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 when I was a kid. Love this piece! Though it feels like something's missing from Strider (after all, he's supposed to stand out, since this picture is supposed to focus on him, right?). But, that's not to say this is bad. In fact, I like it very much :D Great job.

duplex2 responds:

Many thanks, I tried to focus the picture in my feelings playing the game, not only in the character.


reminds me of Shinobi ^_^

duplex2 responds:

Ninjas and robots, the same concept. Many thanks