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Reviews for "Dr PC Talking"

(4/5) - Good movie

Your movie was quite funny. I enjoyed it.

Graphics - Nicely animated.
Sound - Great use of synthesized voice.
Interactivity - NA
Style - Original and quite amusing.
Violence - NA
Humor - Very funny.


awesome movie.

christmas lectures?

Uh, it's kinda too late for Christmas, it already passed. The Dr. Pc guy was fucking scary, the way one eye was bigger and he is like Steven Hawkins. THe computer voice was like the clock's and is hard to understand what he is saying. Overall, good stuff.


Had great animation and graphics, it was just kinda ...boring...really boring, the computer voice got old fast....Wish I could say more, but thats it.


I think this was a good/original idea. I liked your artwork and animation a lot, BUT I feel that the computerized voices dragged on a bit, which will force the immature, pre-teen users to not like the submission. =( Anyways, good shit! ;)