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Reviews for "Dr PC Talking"

Fun Dude!

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(4/5) - Good movie

Your movie was quite funny. I enjoyed it.

Graphics - Nicely animated.
Sound - Great use of synthesized voice.
Interactivity - NA
Style - Original and quite amusing.
Violence - NA
Humor - Very funny.


hey to the last guy you said you were looking for someone who can change text to speech, well i can do that, if you want help and have msn you can just add me at squad_the_man@hotmail.com

(silently chuckles)

Okay, you are the meanest film maker I have ever viewed. There's a fine line that you tend to cross and for some reason you choose the perfect mixture of comedic mischief with the vile topics you choose to show. In other words you make mean things funny. I don't see how anyone won't laugh when viewing this.

Makes you laugh makes you think

Nice film. Very funny, and also a reminder to those less fortunate then use. Good film