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Reviews for "Dr PC Talking"


hey to the last guy you said you were looking for someone who can change text to speech, well i can do that, if you want help and have msn you can just add me at squad_the_man@hotmail.com


u really should make a sequel!!! i wanna kno wut happens to him

tinyflea responds:

What I really want to do, is find someone who can write/supply a text to speach plug in/script for flash, then I intend to make a "make you're own pc talking movie"...so if anyone can help...get in touch!


Great stuff man. I like your style.

I feel better about myself

How evil was that? Poor fella. The only complaint i have was the hacker should have played with a few more of those options. I'm sure some great evil could have been done with the right programming in the urine/feces monitor option. Keep up the good work.


love the hacker...