Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 1"

that was so sick

i cant wait to see madness vs mario

it was great but.....

i dont know if it was just me, the first episode seemed more appealing, not to say that this one didn't. interesting twist reguarding death and xiao xiao, i wouldn't have seen that one coming, nor would I have expected xiao to fall to a crappy sprite thrusting the sword into him. whether this was a smart move for the series or not, I dont know.... guess time and paitence is all that I have till the next one. lol, i realized you had homestar killed, your not thinking of putting strongbad in the next one are ya? oh yeah and one more thing.... wtf were u thinkin by putting that faggityass egg character? not that i should be complaining, he's dead now! in any case, great work soo far, great use of the sprites and hopefully constructive comments were made.... probably not :P

I love the fights man... but...

Even though you did a good job, I think that it sucks that you replaced death. If you were gonna do that, why did you use death at all? You could have used that spot for one of the people that fans wanted to see. Also, this tournament was kinda better without the plot in it, but I think I can get used to it... good-job. Keep 'em coming

A Good Effort But...

For starters, your choice in characters is a bit... I dunno... Obscure. I don't know what flash the grave keeper comes from (I assume he comes from some NG flash, otherwise he wouldn't really have a place in an NG tournament would he?) but I wish you would have chosen better known NG favorites. Personally, I don't like seeing Xiao Xiao all the time because it seems to me like a lot of artists say "Ooooh, a stick, those are easy to draw. I can claim that my stick is Xiao Xiao and people will go nuts!" I'm not saying that YOU did that, but a lot of people do, so I generally look for other characters in the flash (non-stick based ones) and see how much effort was put into animating them to judge an artists effort with a flash. Your other characters seemed to have a limited range of motion. Xiao Xiao's weren't fbf. At least, half of them I know weren't. When he was partially transparent I could specifically see each joint, meaning that every limb was a movie clip or a graphic, which means that they were being tweened, not drawn frame by frame. Your sense of humor was a bit obnoxious to be honest. I'm talking about all the swearing. A little bit can be really funny, but everytime you use a cuss word it loses a little more effect, and you kinda went overboard. I really don't think Xiao Xiao would swear that much. I should end this review, but like I said, you should try to incorporate more well-known newgrounds originals. Not sprites and demon thingies from who-knows-where.

error-45207 responds:

i wasnt going to respond to this but it was staying on my mind lol. First off, yea i know the choice of characters wasn't the best, i started this a loong time ago and wasnt aware of everyone in NG although i have been trying to include a lot more, not so much for fighting but appearing here and there, such as P-Bot, Leon from legendary frog, eskimo bob etc. I didnt say all xiaos motion wer fbf but a lot of the fighting was, and as for the swearing, i can honestly only remember the bit after he dodges the big laser thing..? although i was not meaning to just claim a stick as xiao, i watched all his movies at least 3 times to see how he moved, but thanks 4 the review and hopefully u will like the next one more


Dude that was TOTALLY AWESOM!!!! I loved evrybit of iT PLEAASSSE HURRY AND MAKE THE NEXT ONE!! w00t!! OMG i LoVED IT :) :) dont worry bout that otha guy he must be some dickhead on drugs ;)