Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 1"

Gotta luv the fights.

Its too bad u make us wait becuz i almost cant. I love the series throughout ngs, especially this one. The matrix theme gets a little repetative n all of the new flash, but wutever ur doin keep it up cuz this is badazz. Cant wait for the next one, about when will it come out??? gj

error-45207 responds:

umm, not too sure when it'll be out, i was workin hardcore on it for a few days but then went off surfing for two weeks lol so when i can be bothered gettn bak into makin it it shouldnt take too long. Give it another couple of weeks. Thx for the review im glad u liked it ;)


Great!! Fantastic! I love this movie........hope to see the finals......


500 pts

I love this flash!

Accept for some of the songs and dubs. Some of them got to repetitive. Excluding that, it was amazing!