Reviews for "NG Tournament: Semi's 1"

I put 5 on it

Great work, very very very great. This may be a new genre if this keeps up and that I'll put 5 on it.


I am a big fan of this tournament and look forward to the mario vs. madness match, please make it long and not cheesy, kinda like madness versus strawberry clock, I LOVE THIS TOURNAMENT!

Keep making more, you're a great animator by the way!


for some reason i cant downlad this movie. do you have it some where else i could download it? if you do that would be awesome. but what i did manage to see kicked ass

error-45207 responds:

hmm sorry dude i duno wats wrong there.. if it only partially loads then stops i have found a good way to get it going again, u gota goto ur temp internet files, find the half done file, delete it, then come here and try again. This is the only place it is so hopefully it will work for ya.

It was really good

I hpe it stays for a long time and im sure it will. Not many problems really almost professional
but no matter how good graphics are they can always get better


cant wait til more trials come out, these are always so fun to watch