Reviews for "Titan Wars"

You have a lot of potential.

I love your work. You have a really cool style and imagination - a lot of the titans you draw reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus. Keep it up - I look forward to more.

I don't know why....

But I'm instantly reminded of Shadow of the Colossus LOL


See, if we were to fight wars with giant robots instead of squishy family-having humans, it would be awesome instead of tragic. A poignant message to us all.
Also, excellent draw, of course.

Really good looking but...

That third arm seems out of place. Just looks weird.
Overall though, pretty cool.

Fantastic work

But as others have stated, the five limb structure (or the structure that APPEARS to have five limbs) really doesn't work on a humanoid basis.

If you look at the "shivans" from the video game FreeSpace, they're five-limbed aliens with a totally different biology, and it works great. By giving something humanoid five arms, it's very difficult to understand the image. I get a sense of incredible size, power and machinery but absolutely no understanding of how it's meant to look.

It confuses the eye, and that's a real pity.