Reviews for "Titan Wars"

Wow this is great

this has got to be the best art here its like a mix of, matrix(animatrix for those of you confused), shadow of the collossus, and for some reason quake. but other than that i love this is already the background for desktop. and yea i can totally see this as a game

very nice!!

man this is a very good painting! and the way you show the size of the titan is very interesting(the 2 humans)

I'm with crapatflash

Your ability to convey size and power is unrelenting. I'm facinated by this. And to those reviews who say the third arm is bad, I say, there are no restrictions on the imagination, and no references that are paticularly adequate for this kind of art. Forge your own way. Again, I applaud you, and look forward to seeing more of this kind of art. Thank you for sharing.


I really dont see what all the hub-bub is. Where is this 3rd arm people are speaking of? Am I blind or something? All I see is this mammoth of a titan falling down with two legs, two arms, and a head.

I think you are all making up this so called "third arm" so that you have something to critique. Tsk tsk...

you know i like that i really do like that