Reviews for "Titan Wars"


It looks like there's another Titan behind him, reaching up to smash down on his back.


I click on the icon, expecting nothing new and- whoa! My heart just skipped a beat.

You should make your own graphic novels and sell em' for good $$$. Seriously, I was shocked when the page loaded. In fact, this is my new desktop background!


You sir, are one of the greatest artists I've seen on ANY of my web-surfing adventures. Your work is always awe-inspiring, epic, and leaves a lasting impression. It always brightens my day when I see another one of your Pictures make it to front page.

Your new technique is amazing

What really makes this image look really good is the background and the sense of motion from the missile impaling this titan.

I have no clue where the third arm is, maybe you guys should turn your head sideways to see that the titan is falling backwards..


The drawing shows a good mix of colors and precise detail that blends seamlessly with l with good illumination of the scenario.