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Reviews for "Mutant Ninja Turtles EP02"

((( AWSOME )))

Wow that was great, some of the best on newgrounds, but then again everyone love ninja turtles, what would be cool if you used thease talents on some of your own designs and creation, instead of using someone elses characters still it was an awsome movie...


One word


great... this is justa a great!

i have been waiting next episode of this like an ages. Graphics arent best one but that b'cause your videos is so long... and that way it should be! continue great work! just promise at there will be next episode.. please???

You guys are doing a SLOW Job!

I think the two episodes are great and I like how you've made the turtles more violent, but it's been 8 months since episode 2 when is episode3 coming out. My advice to anyone making a series on newgrounds, you should have at least several episodes made before even posting the first one. You just left everyone hanging. See ep.1 and 2 have a lot of action and violence. So when you finally decided to make episode 3 people are going to expect even more action because of the long wait and they'll be dissapointed if there isn't. How do you expect to build a storyline if your pressed to put action in every episode. you need fillers. So far the Xin session has done to best with making a series although they could be a little fast as well.

Absolutely awsome, breathtaking, and moving!

Absolutely awsome, breathtaking, and moving. I want to make flash animation now. This is especially a real treat for an old ninja turtle fan like myself. I watched the original series when it first started as a kid. I loved the original series, but I love how this version is a more grown up version, as I too am much more grown up. It's like seeing the series mature along with me, but the characters still have the most important parts of their individual personalities. Kudos to you on a job well done. I hope to see more from you.