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Reviews for "Mutant Ninja Turtles EP02"

Another excellent addition

I love the movements and animation on these guys, its awesome, you must have put alot of work into this.


First of all, Humor, only a few laughable parts....Your style with the Turtles are fanstastic, I like the music and the voice acting. Now to the characters.....

Slash-If I remember from the old TMNT, Slash was either Rocksteady and/or Beebop pet turtle (the Rhino-being Rock) and Warthog(being Beebop) who "oozed it" but Slash is just awesome, I like it alot

the turtles, nice job, and funny how you can't tell if Mikey was pointing or flipping-Slight problem when there are creatures that have only three digits for fingers and toes :P

But anyways, keep up the good work


I'd just like to know, when is the fourth one coming out? It's been a long time and never seen it yet. All the three movies were good, but i'd like to know if theres another one coming out and when if there is.


it's getting better and better :)

As the subject says, it's not getting any worse, just better :P My favorite turtles Raph and Slash in a versus fight, who would complain, not me! 8D hehehe

PS. Alrite, in the first post i asked where the menu music came from, and i saw that you posted the answer here, nice! :3


As soon as the skin samples were taken back in episode one I thought to myself...Slah!...The sound track and sound are much better in episode 2, not to mention you can see the direction of each kick. Just awsome, a good idea to take a cartoon most of us grew up watching but remade for an older audience.

Can't wait to see the 3rd Episode!