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Reviews for "Mutant Ninja Turtles EP02"


YOU are a damn visionary!!!! This shit is totally awesome, the dark side of the turtles....it has so much potential, and the storyline is the shit!! KEEP IT UP!!!! I want to see more!!

Love the new humor in this one.

Is Slash suppose to be like a human-turtle hybrid or something?

Besides that art, music, story just like the last one incredible.


way better than the last two the very ery beggining was awsome

Really nicely done.

I watched this a long time ago, but never reviwed it. I have to say, the artwork and animation was great. But not only that, but the voice acting was incredible. It almost sounding like the real TMNT's. Excellent work man.

Excellent man

Wow im very impressed in what u have done right here.
for once i feel like there is some 1 other than me that is tired of
all of this soft shit they have on tv nowa days even anime is becoming more soft. but i think that was a very creative move to put slash in the series , most old school or hardcore tmnt fans know who he is. I hope that 1 day you will finish the series or bring it up to date but as an artist i can understand when u dont have the motivation to finish a project. nice job