Reviews for "Monsters"


This is so disgustingly brilliant that I just,I can't even give words to you on how amazing this is.
It's unique,and Yeah... Totally at lose of words.


Your Parents must be very proud

Epic, wicked, scary!

As many said, reminds me of The Thing. Mate this is some brilliant work.

It reminds me of one of my favorite novels.

In the trilogy "The Night Angel" by Brent Weeks, there are monsters called ferali. The ferali are made of the flesh of many different corpses and have many mouths. Contact with a mouth, or the ferali itself, will allow the monster to consume the victim and add them to its own body. Reforming and shaping itself with its extra mass it may take on many different forms.

Anyway, bottom line, they are badass. While this isn't exactly how I imagined them, it's not too far off.

The -2 is for the dull back ground. The monster itself looks great and grotesque for sure.


i found this disturbing and i was also wondering how this was E?
now i need to find something to erase my mind of this... this... THING.