Reviews for "Monsters"

It looks...It's kinda like a....Ummm.....I love it.


dude it's freakin awesome

Good Lord Man!

This thing is amazing, the detail is superb and for some odd reason gluttony comes to mind when I look at it.

Disturbingly sexy

Your ideas are gruesome and no holds barred, straight out of an Acid trip nightmare. I love every detail of it.

I will one day hire you to design for me.

Keith Thompson?

I think this piece is -amazing-, thumbs up to you for your amazing skills!

However, I do have a question/remark: Is this, by any chance, inspired by Keith Thompson? His art is similarly macabre, and the whole, surreal, multi-limped monstrosity seem very much alike to this - that's not to say they are identical. I noticed that your style differs quite a bit from his, but still, they're definitely in the same direction. :)