Reviews for "Monsters"


You should have been there when they made 'the thing' prequal , then it might have actually been cool with your ideas

I didn't need to sleep tonight anyway, lol

Nice work.

P.S. He (she?) must hate clothes shopping....

Awesome Picture

I like the idea of those big deformed heads that could also be used as arms just like the gluttony monsters in the game Dantes Inferno, reminds me of a Picture i just sprayed some weeks ago even though mine isnt nearly as detailed...time limit you know..
what i would suggest is that some of the background heads needs more detail especially compared to the one at the very top. But i still think that this monster is because of its unproportional design, just like taken from a kids imagination.
Keep up the good work.


Retarded monster thingy!


im 15 and what is this?