Reviews for "Speed Golf"

Yeah, the originality factor hurts,

But this was a GREAT golf sim... most of all the size!!! I'd say beef up the polygons if you can, some parts of the course look really blocky. Otherwise, the learning curve is fantastic, great job!

Game Over...

The game over thing is annoying.. but futhermore it is oke

you win, you lose

great everything as far as sounds and quality goes but golf games are getting old and this isnt original...that is where you lose points...

Too short

Too short an not enough to do, more clubs, more holes obviously, would make this game alot better, though for what it was, it was very good.

Mousebreakerdotcom responds:

Thanks for all the good reviews so far. As I said we're looking for feedback and where vetter than NG?? There is a full game should you want to play it at www.mousebreaker.com. It's got the works, but with you're help we'll make it even better.


it was cool, but it needed to be longer, and myabe a bit more challenging. next time also, maybe try the audio portal too.