Reviews for "Speed Golf"

It was alright

The graphics could've been made a little better by making it a little more cartoony..And the same with the fields..And it was so slow..And yeah fix that for the most part

Good but...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow! Work that out and it should be really good. Oh and to the guy before me there are a shit load of golf games on Newgrounds actually. Like Mani Golf, it was on the front page.

-Psycho 0.o

great,first game of golf on New Grounds i think...

It was sort of hard to control though.You should make the controls easier.

Yeah, the originality factor hurts,

But this was a GREAT golf sim... most of all the size!!! I'd say beef up the polygons if you can, some parts of the course look really blocky. Otherwise, the learning curve is fantastic, great job!

you win, you lose

great everything as far as sounds and quality goes but golf games are getting old and this isnt original...that is where you lose points...