Reviews for "Speed Golf"

Why the low score ?...

I don't know why everyone places a low score, 3.10 ?! My games get that, not this one !
And what about 'slow'? It works great on my P4.
Keep up the good work.

Starz : [*****]
Morku : Morku Ware


Great golf game. Seems to have lots of things to do and it was very well made. Good graphics and clean presentation. I'm not a big fan of golf, but this still is good.

Awesome! Excellent game design!

Wow! That was a pleasant surprise!
This reminds me of the old days when I used to play Links 386 Golf. I can see that a lot of effort went into designing THIS game - not like some the lousy attempts you see on NG now and then.
Just a bummer that the game is over when you don't make par ;-)

great,first game of golf on New Grounds i think...

It was sort of hard to control though.You should make the controls easier.

This was sort of fun.

Well this was notbad a fun game indeed, it seems like you could really improve on this by adding trees and sand traps and more hills and such just to give it that realistic style, but anyways a good game just needs a little more detail items and props, anyways nice job.

More props more trees more hills.