Reviews for "Wargames 1983"

I watched this movie!

Great recreation! i like how u had all the typeing sounds 2.

That was good

Not great but it kept me amused for the short time I played it.


enragedsnetraz or w/e is a pussy

I <3 this game

I loved this movie and spent a LOT of time looking for a flash or dos re-make of the game in the movie... here it is.
perhaps you should include tic tac toe and some sounds from the movie "hello professor falken" "would you like to play a game" and so on
good work buddy

it was ok

alot of people seem to really like this, i mean its not my style, but im not gonna give it a bad vote. i didn't really fully understand what i was doing. i thought i was winning but i lost, when russia lost 5 times more lost than i .