Reviews for "Wargames 1983"


..Sucked hard.

Nice game!!!!!

Yo man this is a nice game!!! It has got a lot of potential but could use many more features!!!! like different kinds of warheads and stuf...


ya can play it if ya want, but this is a really bad and boring game

Great, just completely fucking great

This is the greatest game on Newgrounds, i love it i love it more than Madness Marioworld everything, this game is freaking outstanding i love it this should be top game on newgrounds, make a sequel or somethin cuz this is awesome grreeeeaaaaat this is even better than a game i payed 50 bux for man, and the end song is my fav, greatest song in American history.WELL FUCKING DONE KEEP IT UP MAN.My name is Churchill ;-) im number 5 in top 10 and planning to improve.

Great Game!

It would be nice to have a few more attack options, possibly adding ground forces. Keep up the great work!