Reviews for "Wargames 1983"

very very good

Can USSR EVER win? It was very good

fun...but easy

One of the easiest games of all time. It's very fun though.
1. different lvls of difficulty
2. broden the games horizons (new wepons, money factor, etc.)
3. try to update the graphics a little...

GREAT GAME nice job mate!


wow this is a really crazy game. love it but some things about this game. REALLY MAKE ME MADE. ok soo the ussr starts out with a disadvantage in nukes? WTF!? there ahead in the nuclear arms race. they should have a major nuke advantage, much like the usa has a double civilian advantage. and when i play as ussr. i get the usa down to like 4 silo's, and i have about 40 ill nuke the entire usa population theyll choose to do a 50 50 deal. and guess what? OMFG. if i go all out on population with a huge advantage in silos. like a 67 % advanatge. i should win this right. well turns out with there 50 50 i get loads more civilain casualties then he gets!! and plus my silos are down. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT?!!!!

Why can't I kill 'em both? lol

Good job, a lot like the computer simulation in the movie.

Great job

All my life I wanted to nuke the USA. At last I could... and all thanks to you. Great game.