Reviews for "Lost in Ambience"

Best in Ambience...

I love this. I've put this into my portable music player (which is a voice recorder, but hey, I'm not complaining) and played it many times.
As a man who bases half of what he does around music, this has been my song for simply walking around during break at work, working on something creative, or just chilling.
You win! :D


Like it would be cool if you made a remix I mean it's just repetitive but seemed like a loop to me guess it's just an opinion but, like how you would always change in some way and love the piano if it is I guess btw great synth :P 8/10
5/5 don't want to lower your score

i like the synth......

but the drums need to be a tad louder. i can barely hear them (or is that what was ssupposed to happen?)

extremely relaxing. . .

5/5 10/10 favs list. i dont usually like music this mellow, but this is just extremely awesome. . .


you almost got a 10 from me beacuse you calmed me down. im using flicking off people in traffic and threating to kick there fucking ass if they dont moe it. your tune is really quite calming