Reviews for "Lost in Ambience"

A true spiritual connection.

I floated through space, not caring the slightest in whatever direction I drifted.. I then witnessed a comet pass me by with absolute, icy brilliance, and continued to look intently onward at the trail it left behind until it was no longer in my sights. Once it disappeared my eyes widened once more as I was overtaken by the explosion of a star, with stardust scattering out in every direction to rejoin the universe as another entity. You have my complete gratitude for such an odyssey. 5/5, 10/10, and downloaded.


I dont rate often but after i saw the dumbass before me me make a stupid fuckin post i just had to come back and say that the song was badass man. The melody sucks you in. Even tho it repeats, doesnt every song to some point? and it does have a varying beat in there. Yea, hes stupid. Nice job man,


weak man weak lets think for a min OH yea do summin else with the music like the pics were ok but the music blew monkey snot

KTRECORDS responds:

Cool, thx for the input. You're songs aren't too bad either. Oh wait...


P.S. also, u uneducated piece of shit. the pics are all provided by newgrounds and loop by themselves. welcome to the site, fucktard.


nice beat

Makes me wanna...

Oh man, this has to be the best song for relaxing EVER. Kinda reminds me of PSO 1&2. This just makes me want to go play this in my stereo, pop in some blue light bulbs, turn em down a bit so it's dim, and smoke some weed. Fantastic job!