Reviews for "Lost in Ambience"

well its ok

its ok because in MY opinion its to slow tempoed i like songs more upbeat and fast paced i think this song would be alot better if it was faster.

KTRECORDS responds:

Thanks for the review. Sorry to hear this song wasn't in your "personal preference" column.

We appreciate the deep and constructive review concerning your feelings towards this song. "Well, it's ok" is the best constructive criticism we've seen yet, and thus justifies your scoring of a 5/10. Hats off to you!

(We love 10/10's, obviously, but if you're gonna vote low, you need a better reason than 'It's not my thing/style, BLAM!'.)


A-M-A-Z-I-N-G incredible song, great rhythm, and just plain awesome to listen to.


this is so...i cant even explain it
its wonderful :)
keep up that good work :P
5/5 10/10

I love it!

It's one of the best songs ever! It's kind of making me tired though. :-]


I'm lovin' it. Totally trancing and mind-spacing.