Reviews for "Insane Orb"


if a little bit easy....mario world overrun is bether dude


game was way too easy,its fun but it gets boring after a while,and as for the giant pacman...very original

Not bad

It was pretty easy, even the hard levels. And to that guy before me, mabye you can't beat the final level because you suck at pong.

ok well done

at first i played easy on accident and thought it was lame but once i beat it (you need to fiz the bug on the pacman last boss on easy he was running away from the ball lol) but i then played it on hard and it was defiantly challenging and i liked it good job

Fun challenge that definitely shows its pong routes but adds many obstacles that make it much more interesting. only let down by AI that doesn’t seem all that capable at the best of times and often missing easy shots to block.
P.S its not the most played its still beat by simgirls at 48.5million