Reviews for "Insane Orb"


This game is a mix of pong and originalness.. it's soo fun. i really like this game, and the change in music for each level had a nice touch.

Great game

the magnets are great very fun but u need better bricks.

Great game

Very good job, the concept of an Uber pong game is awesome. i love it.



This is the reason i play videogames

This is exactly the reason i play videogames
this was challenging yet kept me hooked , the Computer wasnt too dumb nor smart... this game was well thought out an the pacman was genius..... pong and pacman only a genius would have thought to put the 2 basic icons of videogames together
this game is awesome i suggest you talk to tom fulp to try to get a game for game systems made of this idea
it really is a wonderful game to play
a two player mode would be awesome addition
but other than that