Reviews for "Insane Orb"


Man, this guy just keeps reeling out great games. If you liked this one you have to try some of his others. Keep 'em coming.

I want to give it a 10, but there seems to be a glitch in fightin the final boss. The only times he managed to return the orb was when I hit it to him. Still, this one is on my top 10.

Really is insane!

I gave this a ten for addictiveness – it was one of the most addicted games every played, and was also at the same time a bit crazy and unique, as the name insane orb suggests :P Id like to see more of your games soon :)


wow this game is incredible!! lol i have lazy mode on as i type this!

Easy; simply done BUT!!...

AWESOME physics, really original, lots of fun to play and a really good game! Diverting with lots of new elements thrown in just when you'd be getting tired of it

Super duper great game!

It´s long, but fun to play;D The new version just shooked me. This one is better. I played the whole game and it was really fun, so play it and don`t stop!