Reviews for "Insane Orb"


Oh My God...Thank You!! this game kicks so much ass! it deserves the front page! awesome! so addictive and origional, its like extreme pong! the controls are smooth, the visuals appealing, and best of all, the music is some of the best ive ever heard in a flash game. simply astounding. bravo.

nice work

the grapics are smooth and nice
new idea derived from old ping-pong simulators
virtually every sound in the game is Sonic, aside from the win game
N/A Violence
I laughed at the pac-man interference, and the pac-man boss.

kinda easy though. this vs Overrun, overrun wins. (still can't beat overrun though) good show mate


i love old skewl games and omg i was soo addicted to this, how long did it take u to make this?? and btw i love this game and i hope u keep up the good work:D:D

I like this game it awsome!

man that was good you turned one of the most boring games of ping pong into a awsome game with obsticals and a giant pac-man in the end nice job

Freaking Awesome

that was awesome! best remake of Pong I've played so far.

You should put in some power ups, maybe a 2 player mode, maybe a timer with high scores.

Shoot the Pac-Man as soon as he eats the ball.
Hit the ball head-on into your opponent, with your laser right behind it.
Knock block towards your opponent--sometimes they'll smash the ball around him.