Reviews for "Insane Orb"

i thought the game was fun untll it started to glitch not once for three times

Fun challenge that definitely shows its pong routes but adds many obstacles that make it much more interesting. only let down by AI that doesn’t seem all that capable at the best of times and often missing easy shots to block.
P.S its not the most played its still beat by simgirls at 48.5million

This game is very fun! But I find it weird how this is the most played game in NewGrounds but it is only 3 stars! And when I was at the final boss (Pacman) it didn't even touch the ball once! So I ended up just sitting there watching the ball go past the other side. Anyways, great game, very fun, bye

45.3 million vieuws!

basicly, the goal is to score 75 goals without your opponment getting 75 points, with 3 pac-mans (2 small ones, 1 big one) as bosses (they grab the ''ball'', and throw it in your direction) fun, but it is not my fav.

Good. Could use improvements.