Reviews for "Insane Orb"

Damn Pacman, made me feel like this game was rigged from the start. Other than that this was great.

i could play this all day its very challenging and i like challenging games


its very good,but i find a bug,i hit a cube and the ball stoped,then the ball goes up and down,but the game if pretty good

Although the idea of this game isn't the most epic one, its fun to play and the further you get the more variety take place. The reason why I give only 3 stars is beacause it gets boring over time and this kills it for me and I can't comprehend its popularity.

wvaldez responds:

Glad you think it's fun. I'll re-post this to explain it's popularity:

This game came out on newgrounds ages ago at a time when there weren't detailed games like the site has today so the game itself was well liked. The game was dynamic, unique, simple, and fun enough to get peoples attention. Over time it ended up on one of the top lists on newgrounds. Whenever any game anywhere gets on a top list it gets tons of views and it gets shot higher up the list. So for it's time it was a good game, but I agree with you that it's too simple for today and will be working on a new version in the future. You could try my recent mobile game "Assault Breaker" which I'm trying to bring to steam and also possibly newgrounds. You can find it here: assaultbreaker.com