Reviews for "Insane Orb"


45 million views, 2.90/5 rating :(

This game is great because it takes Pong and changes it up - in the end, it's familiar and new at the same time. The projectiles are great for boosting your shots, especially if they get lost in the gravity fields. I got 18-75 on my first try (on easy mode). The game does well by adding all the new features at an appropriate time; initially it's just Pong, then you have gravity fields, then you have bricks falling, then you have Pacman. The 'Final Boss' was great because it mirrors your movements if you look closely - this means you can manipulate the opponent to dodge your shots. Great game and great twist on the classic formula.

I like this game, it was not like mario or sonic, it was unique, and awesome at the same time! My score was 24-75, and that was only easy. 5

1. pacman always shoot at your side!
2. the ball and the squares always get stuck!
3. IT TO EASY! i got 20 goal by just standing there...