Reviews for "Evolution of Animation"


the reason that you've seen this before is that it was on this site a while ago. they don't just use new submissions for classic of the day. he didn't steal it, he's the original author of it and submitted it awhile back. i remember. by the way, nice job.

I have seen this before.

Either you are the origional author and JUST submitted it to this site, or you stole it.


ahhhhhhhh..... if i was on this scale i will still be on level 2 AND IM !# YEARS OLD UGGA BUGGA BUGGAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


ive watched all of your animations today, and that was one of my favorites, incredibly drawn, amazing.

very good

I loved it, the idea was great and you carried it out very well. Your like one of my new favorite animatiors now.