Reviews for "Evolution of Animation"

Good job

Wow man, thats damn good! You definatly have a great message here. It goes to show a one-person made cartoon doesn't have to have an excessive amount of quality to be a great cartoon. I'm not saying the quality was bad, because it was really great, but more importantly the story and message was put forth excellently. I litterally got shivers down my spine when I saw this! Animation has even gone way past this and that is something that I hope continues.


ive seen stuff like this befor and this is some of the best. but i think you should put in some better music and give him a biger sword. great job


good work!


I wish I could give more

Kick-Butt, Nothing Butt.

One of the best animations I've seen done with Flash in a lonnnnnnng time. I wish I could give a greater score for Graphics. Alas, I cant. So I'm just gonna bleed to points over to Interactivity and Humor :P
And, you were right. The sound was really dodgy.