Reviews for "Evolution of Animation"

holly crap dude

Dude that was one kick ass animation Like some of the others said it made no sense what so ever but it was kinda cool so I gave it a 9 plus 5 for a vote.

That was amazing

The evolution of the character was great. The idea was wonderful and your execution of it was brilliant. Keep up the great work.



nice work here, the graphics was kinda weird, but the idea was magnificient. I'm impress with the way of you're imagination.

I like it and oh...the sound was shabby. Could do better. Same music (replay)

Very good

At first I thought "Oh not another stick figure movie." But I was pleasently surprised. The animation was quite good and the music really fit. This was very creative.


I liked it. The idea was good, and the music was good. Liked the bongos. I liked how he was erased too. The violence was good, and it was funny.