Reviews for "*I'm A Raver (D'nB)*/ZeRo BaSs"


really awesome dude, what program do you use? Because I really am looking for one to do what I want in the smoothest way...

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Thank you! Reason 4 :)


Id give this song a 9 or 10 if it had some bass cuz that aspect of the song is seriously lacking

man if you had some bass it would make this song 20 x better

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

If it had some bass? o_O
Ehm..i think there's something wrong with your speakers.

Like it!



you did it, again! ^^)
i love what you do, can be anything. and what makes it really Dn'B and original is its feeling: i don't search for the rythm cause it comes easily into my head.
soo. good job! ^^×


Very smooth and calming but the cool DnB added style!!
Its like in an RPG where your exploring a new world and fighting these monsters!
Awesome dude! Always love your DnB!