Reviews for "*I'm A Raver (D'nB)*/ZeRo BaSs"

A lot better in DnB

No offense but i thought the original was just not good, this on the other hand is really great

happy time

gives you a good feeling and somewhat like a video game sound


Did you use a synth for your piano or was it you playing? Other than that great job! I would have to agree it doesn't fit the drums and bass section but still it amazing.

good job

i liked it, tho it doesnt exactly sound like it fits into the Drum & Bass genre, pretty good job here 5/5 from me :)


this is one of the most average songs ive heard. Tbh i prefer the more less 'pianony' music because the more piano i hear makes me want to go to sleep.

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

cool :) you officially know nothing about music