Reviews for "*I'm A Raver (D'nB)*/ZeRo BaSs"


i havent read others reviews so if this has been said...mah bad...but im scared to say make it longer for as it is its awsome, but do consider making a longer version :D


Like I said. Amazing. same thing about maybe using as I said about the other one.

Great job. 10/10

Im speechless

If I could give this a 20 start rating I'd give it a 50.
This song has to be one of the best songs on newgrounds that I've heard so far.
I've even gone as far as to download it and make it the start up music for my computer. You are amazing and if you could make another song as LEGENDARY as this one I'd be ever so grateful. I cant stop listening to it. The bass makes my ears sing and I get lost in this song's awesomeness. Keep up the amazing work Zero. :)

Very Good Indeed

10/10 for you sir, although short it is very nice i love the mix of piano and DnB i'd liek to see more ^o^

Really awesome!

The song sounds awesome, I only wish it was longer!
The piano combined with the cool dnb beats, sounds really freat.
It has potential for a much longer version IMO as it sounds pretty epic.
It might be because of the headphones I'm using, I've had problems with them before, but I only hear the piano on the left side, which makes the song a bit unbalanced. Still, good song!