Reviews for "Dancing 4 Joy"


wow, loved the piano, sounds like something out of a game, when you added the kick it got cool=) but when you added synth, it got divine, truly great song:) do keep it up!:D

very nice :)



very nice , intercedes a happy mood =D

the composition is great and the piano and the synth work well together =)

my favorite part is at 0:50 love these chords ^^

danced then downloaded

I like these kinds of tunes, and thankfully the audio portal is full of them. Conversely it is very difficult to stand out as a result. This song just stands out to me, I enjoyed it a lot. It's a very fun song with no flaw for what it is. I downloaded it out of pure euphora of dancing in my seat when it plays. Oddly it loops well too.

reveiw 45, 5/5, 10/10, downloaded and danced to. A catchy tune and pumping bass, what more do you want?!

cool song

liked it

Darn you!

Excellent song, but darn you, you made me wanna get up and dance! (the bad thing is, I can't dance to save my life. :| ) Awesome song, however, keep makin' em, you're doing excellent.