Reviews for "Dancing 4 Joy"

I dont know....

I really don't know if you categorize this as happy hardcore, but i like, and it made me happy so i guess i will. More please =D great song, wonderful, piano... I'm a sucker for piano that's probably why ive downloaded almost all of Dj-Nates stuff XD


love the piano and the melody of it
i yust cant find a piano sound that sounds beautiful on the high notes like yours
ill check out more from you for sure!


Joder , ustedes tienen talento , esta cancion la escucho como 100 veces al dias , maldicion yo apesto en FL STUDIO :P , usaron algun programa especial para esta cancion?
(miembro de SYCKODELICUS)

pretty song :)

Not only am I giving you ten stars to bump your rating up from that zero that loser gave you, but you also earned 10/10 for creating such a great song. you did a terrific job its a shame you cant make everybody happy :) Keep it up man.