Reviews for "Dancing 4 Joy"

Smiley Face!

Nicely done! Title matches exactly with the song :p

Im all happy now although Ive got a history exam of 2 hours tomorrow and its over 60 pages of studying :((((

Anyhow- dyou mind sending me the piano sheets? Wanna learn the little melody for my piano ^^

ok..ok! LOL.

this song makes me so happy i'm going to go out and like.. HUG A PUPPY! Hahah seriously though, great work on this. its got the feeling you were going for! Great work on that alone!


cant stop danceing ^^

I had a face like ^_^

and then when it was happy hardcore i was like YAY / LULZ / SHIT BRIX

Because you know if it has a Bass sound plus a shitload of high notes at the beggning then you know that its going to be an amazing song


moving....my head..
bahaha =]

Sounds Good

@Terrorist - It's not the fact it's too long, in-fact it's too short imo, he just doesn't change it up enough :/

Trance and techno songs are always too short for my likeing.