Reviews for "Friendly hentai orgy"

amazing art

very well done.. and i like the what looks like a lemon under the tentacle on the right bottom of the octopus
but overall great work

Citrina responds:

hehehe, the lemon's my logo. I have that tattooed on my shoulder, too :)

very good

nice sex, nice backround and nice tits (oh and nice duck and i see you managed to put tits on the octopus 2)

Citrina responds:

heeey, those are not tits, those are tentacles))) not on the girl, on her are tits, yeah


good picture
WAY to much backround

Citrina responds:

You're joking, right? About the background


haha, well, this is pretty good, an dit sounds like it would be a very interesting RP....but yeah, good job man!

Citrina responds:

Ducky, yeah)))))) lol


Strangely sexy, beautiful art work. keep up the good work!

Citrina responds:

Thank you! Why is that such a strange thing? :)