Reviews for "Friendly hentai orgy"

Look at the Duck!

The duck is so awesome in this photo!

Citrina responds:

I sure wish it was a photo))))))))))


Yea its good love the limon on the bottom of the pool HENTAI IS AWESOME

Citrina responds:

I have a lemon like that tattooed on my shoulder, it's mah logo 8)


Nice! WHo doesn't love some octupus rape? lol the benefits of dating posiden

Citrina responds:

Actually it was no rape, just nice clean fun with a friendly tentacle monster. Everybody was happy and enjoying themselves.


I'm a pretty big fan of the tentacle stuff, even if it is a little peculiar. My favorite thing about this picture is the rubber duck. I laughed when I saw it :)

Citrina responds:

The laughter you let out helps cute rubber duckies take over the world. Beware the duckies. They vibrate.


For everyone commenting on the sex going on in this piece: get over it. It's normal. I have sex with octopuses all the time. They love it.

Good use of color in this one miss. Very tasteful uses of blue. The blues remind me of not sex, as do the other aesthetics surrounding the piece. Good job of shadowing. The shadows don't in any way shape or form remind me of penises. Neither does the line quality. Very well done. The way you dress this piece with with consistent contrast creates a good sense of balance, stability and normality. I'm very much pleased with this pieces sense of normality.

Overall, good job :P

Citrina responds:

I guess I have no choice but to take "normality" as a compliment. I'm more used to taking it as an insult, but heck, there's a first time for everything.

And remember: although we might let the dream/art world carry us away, we must remember to always use condoms. For octopuses, use eight. That way their caviar will be securely spurted into the condom and not into your ass and can later be easily removed and used for sandwiches.