Reviews for "Friendly hentai orgy"

Its Random and Original Orgy

Its not the usual 20 guys on one girl orgy ay? Anyways I thought it was funny how you added the alien in there. P.S., the guys right foot looks like theres a sixth mini toe between the big toe and the index toe. XD

Citrina responds:

Yeah, I figured it's nicer when everybody's having fun :)

holy shit

man this is amazing with the use of actual sex and theres an octopus thing fucking people too. its even in a bath tub, nice use of colors. i give it an A+

Citrina responds:

Thanks! Use of actual sex in real life increases artistic performance!

Well done

The brown haired woman's legs end nowhere! But anatomy, effects and coloring are overall perfect.

Citrina responds:

I keep having this feeling that her boobs are not symmetrical, too.


Every man's fantasy o.o

Citrina responds:

...and every tentacle monster's, too!


King of the sea


Citrina responds:

Some are queens, I'm sure. Like this tentacle monster - I'm pretty convinced he's more into guys. Literally...