Reviews for "A Mile a Minute Star Wars"

I can see u put a lot of time and effort into this so why not.....10/10 :-)

That was pretty good

The animation sucked and the voices were annoying, but it WAS pretty funny. Although saying we should go out and buy Star Wars on DVD was just mean. You know full well that doesn't exist (yet).

Nice work.

I give it a good eight, because it deserves it.
Oh, and if you're a 28k white trash then dont bother even spending a second more on this page, its pretty big.


If your on a 56k line, don't even bother trying to load this, its huge! Unless of course you stick it on to load in the background, but I'm sure you can work that out!

This is pretty much just Star Wars if it'd been made sloppily, quickly and not seriously, which is precisely why its so great!

This isn't just good for the above reasons, but it's got some good comedy in too. The Chewbacca/Scooby Doo bit made me spit apple out of my mouth I laughed so much! (Note: I was eating an apple, I'm not just some kind of freak!) Especially liked the Indiana Jones references and the screw driver poking also.

Good work, woud like to see the other episodes too!

Loading, Please Be Patient...

ok, i have been patient for almost 10 minutes now and its still not loaded...
ok, now its been 12 minutes...
...hum dee dum...
14 minutes....
16 min.... AAAWWW FUCK IT!
this shit must be big, i cant be arsed waiting any longer! btw, i just wanted to ask, has anyone ever used the "SEND TO A FRIEND!!" button??? i havent.... might try it out.......hmmmm
hey! it still hasnt loaded, its been about...say...18 minutes now!!