Reviews for "A Mile a Minute Star Wars"

I laughed so hard i peed in my panties

Yes!!! Graphics were kinda dag on crappy but i loved it!! Maybe i should stick my droid in the eye to see some porn..


That was genuinely funny. And Star Wars kid makes a cameo. HILARIOUS.

Excellent work!

That was gold. I loved the sounds and the plot. And that jerky-jumpy action of their heads was really funny.

This is Great!

Very Funny..
Alot of Diverse Voices..
and great timing.

my only suggestion is to take some time with Photoshop.. and blend out the make heads. and blur out the back mouths completely.. that way you have more freedom to move your characters without fear of revealing the bottom head..

Still this was a great job.. and was fun to watch.. keep the voices Diverse and this will allways be a Treat..

KNOX could learn a thing or two from you:)

Keep it up


Great stuff!

Man that was hilarious! Keep up the good work!