Reviews for "The Meaning of Sex"

Good one

Your movies keep getting better and better!


It would have been so much funnier had you used real voices in lieu of text.

that was awesome

i liked it, that was a big improvment from ur last movies, ur going places.

Another Livecorpse Gem

Twice in one day..!
you're a machine!
But I feel a "TOTW" award comming on!

how would u feel about doing a joint project?

Livecorpse responds:

Ok, dude. i added you to MSN, if you dont got it, well then get. It'd be cool to do a flash, since i can see you got the talent. Lets win that turd, bud!!!1

Its ok.

Liked the music, cant vote high cos It wasnt that funny.
I heard that joke about 6 years ago lol.

Livecorpse responds:

ya i sure didnt make it up!!!1