Reviews for "The Meaning of Sex"


I didn't know you did joke flashes too. This one was good, had a funny joke, didn't really see that coming. Different from your other works (one being that it didn't have a bit of violence). Would be funnier with voices, but the music is fine. Good work.


that is you better work see if you make things that may actually happen funny youve made a good movie your other stuff sucks ecsept for this and shattered dreams

yeah, ok. THAT WAS, funny, and with style.

Yeah, that one was very nice, and pretty funny. I mena, hey, if I'm complimenting you, it's GOTTA have at least some quality. short and funny, I did'nt expect the last line though....


Good Job corpse!It was short and sweet,keep it up d00d!


Funny LC very funny dude!Great work!