Reviews for "The Meaning of Sex"


Using a 1 word simile for a whole flash as 1 joke is lame. Lazy work man.

that was funny

I litterally died laughing but managed to type this before i died.It was funny becaus...x
x P

That was hilarious!

"And then they wipe it up with a towel" is the best line ever. I was dying of laughter when I saw this movie. So funny. Keep it up Livecorpse!


This is probably your best flash so far,it was funny as hell and it looks like you thought up that yourself too!heheh,


Holy crap . . .

LiveCorpse, this flash is actually DECENT!!!
Make more of these, because you others suck (ie Dogs Suck 2 and $4,000,000.oo)

Im shocked that you actually made a flash animation that after i watched it i didnt want to bash my skull in a car door.